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noyo88's Journal

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19 February
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This is the beginning

the girl: linn. 25. from sweden, europe. nice, talkative,bouncy,kinda' shy. loves music, photoshop,movies,tvshows,books and sports.

tv: true blood,gilmore girls, sons of anarchy, gossip girl, pushing daisies, veronica mars, bones, csi:ny, chuck, doctor who, House, friday night lights, supernatural, Dexter, jossverse, hex, ugly betty, battlestar galactica,greek etc.

ships: sookie/eric,edward/bella, jax/tara,rory/jess, blair/chuck, jake/peyton, veronica/weevil, sarah/chuck, booth/brennan, jayne/kaylee, danny/lindsay, azazeal/cassie, tim/lyla, mason/george, gio/betty, cameron/john, dean/jo, ned/chuck, morgan/prentiss,kate/danny casey/cappie etc.

crushes: joe anderson, jim sturgess, ellen page, ben foster, guillame canet, marion colltiard, james mcavoy, milo ventimiglia, zachary quinto, ryan gosling, anna paquin, matthew gray gubler, audrey tatou, casey affleck, christina ricci, shia labeouf, billy crudup

music: Incubus, Lifehouse, Paramore, Jason mraz, Switchfoot, One Republic, Snow patrol , The Killers, Muse, Matchbox twenty, pearl jam, Audioslave, Rage against the machine, Amy Winehouse, Gavin DeGraw, Death Cab for Cutie, fall out boy, kanye west, Rufus Wainwright, Jack's Mannequin

my communities
screencaps: noyo_caps
icons: linn_i_cons
trueblood gif made by starryeyedmagic
layout: velvetb0x
moodthemes: lovebit,lidi,watcher_junior,
echoism, calikalie, crackified, mediocrechick, pasadora, feelthis

alan ball, alcide herveaux, alexander skarsgård, alias, alice cullen, angel the series, angst, anna paquin, audioslave, battlestar galactica, ben foster, bill/sookie, bones, books, boys, brad colbert, buffy the vampire slayer, candy, cars, chocolate, christian bale, chuck, chuck/blair, cinema, computers, concerts, criminal minds, csi:ny, danny/lindsay, david anders, david tennant, dead like me, death cab for cutie, dexter, diet coke with lime, doctor who, doctor/rose, driving, dvd commentaries, dvds, edward cullen, edward/bella, ellen page, eric northman, eric/sookie, fanart, fanfiction, firefly, freaks and geeks, friday night lights, friends, generation kill, gilmore girls, gossip girl, greek, grey's anatomy, guillame canet, guitar hero, gustav skarsgård, harry potter, heroes, high fidelity, house m.d., icons, incubus, internet, jack's mannequin, jane austen, jane eyre, jason mraz, jensen ackles, jess mariano, jim halpert, jim sturgess, jim/pam, joe anderson, joss whedon, jossverse, justin theroux, kara/leoben, kill bill, lifehouse, literati, literature, livejournal, love, marion colltiard, matchbox twenty, matthew gray gubler, milo ventimiglia, morgan/prentiss, movies, mp3, muse, music, my ipod, ned/chuck, pearl jam, photoshop, posters, pride and prejudice, pushing daisies, rage against the machine, reading, robert downey jr, robert pattinson, rory/jess, rose tyler, sarcasm, serenity, sims2, sleeping, snow patrol, soccer, sookie stackhouse, southern vampire series, spike, sports, stephen moyer, summer, supernatural, switchfoot, sydney/sark, sylar, tacos, television, the dark knight, the killers, the office, the west wing, tim riggins, true blood, tv, tv on dvd, tv shows, twilight, ugly betty, usa, veronica mars, video games, wallpapers, wonderfalls, words, writing, zachary quinto

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