Everything is not what they used to be

Hi there! It seems like I only get around to posting every six months or so now. I'm not on livejournal as much as I used to, mainly because I'm more active on tumblr than here.

I have been really really busy, I have really enjoyed studying history the past semester and got to know alot of great people.
I also started voluntering at a local cinema, they show a great variety of movies instead of only showing blockbusters. I'm going to be interning at that cinema starting next month for 15 weeks, I'm so excited!!! :) :)

Another thing I did during the fall semester was that I started a radioshow with one of my best friends. It's on the studentradio and we get to talk about the thing we love most, MOVIES! :)
I've also been working a bunch at the hospital where I had my summerjob, but I'm not that sure that I want to continue working there. But we will see how it goes.

As I mentioned this semester will probably be really exciting as well. Internship and the radioshow is continuing! :)

Time runs by so quickly

my, oh my how the time pass by so quickly. It has been several months since I last wrote something here but just as many other people I spent most of my "onlinetime" on tumblr, facebook and twitter. But I really should get better at updating this thing. :/

Well the summer is coming to an end in a few weeks and school is starting very soon, but for once I'm actually looking forward to it.
I'm gonna' be studying history this semester, a subject I really enjoy. I'm also gonna' be a "buddy" for an american student that's arriving in two weeks. I've gotten a good connection with her and I look forward to meeting her.

My summer has been active. At the end of June I went to London together with my sister Jessica and my mom. We saw a huge part of the city and we also went on a bustrip to Stonehenge. Only bad thing was that I didn't bring particular good shoes so I had a lot of pain in my back,,,,,, well well lesson learned! ;)

I started my summerjob about a week after I got back and I've worked until this past monday. I really liked all of the people I've worked with and I will continue working there during the fall a little bit.

A long time ago! :)

It's been a long while since I last updated. But the again I think alot of people are more on tumblr these days, myself included.
School has been keeping me VERY busy. I have started the second semester of my second year and we're currently taking economics and project management. Two classes that I can live without.... ;)

Last semester the majority of my time was spent writing a big essay which was about 34 pages long. I finally got an opportunity to show of my tvshow skills. I wrote about the portrayal of women in Dollhouse and Firefly. And I passed! :) :) 
The essay is basically the basis for my getting to graduate next year. 

Hmm... what else? My niece is now 2 years old and she's such a clever little girl. She is able to say really hard words for a two year old, but of course she dosen't really know the meaning of them. 

For once I have actually decided to have new years resoloution, but its a very easy resolution....  BE MORE POSITIVE!!

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Just a small update, I have deleted my screencap community. 
Any feature screencap updates will be directly to my lj or on my tumblr.

Everything comes to an end eventually.....

 So now it's 20111, it feels like January is super duper busy for me! ;)
My two years as an au-pair are coming to an end, so I have like a million things I need to get done.

For example;
*Need to pay the taxes 
*Send some stuff home(can't possibly get everything in my suitcases) :P
*Buy airplane tickets for San Fransisco(I'm going there on the 28th of February where I'm meeting up with my sister and my mom)
*Finish my online course! 
*Need to volunteer(but that seem to be covered as of tmrw)
*Get all the paperwork to my community counselor 

At the end of this month when everything is done I will be able to relax I guess, then I can focus on just packing!

Icon post!

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Harpers Island, Being Erica, Greys Anatomy, True Blood, Ugly Betty

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Daybreakers, Bright Star, Public Enemies, Edge of love, Dorian gray

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Merry christmas!!

Hi all!!! Long time huh? ;)

Sorry that I've been VERY absent!!
No real explanation why, but it has basically been because I've had other things on my mind.
But let's get you caught up on what I've been up to. ;)

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This just made me feel very geeky and happy at the same time:  :) :) :)
Golden State replied to my tweet that I made yesterday about listening to their music and hoping that they will come to Northern Virginia(!)

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